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I’m praying for...

Dear God help all the sick and give those care givers the strength to carry on.

Stephanie Hudspeth
I’m praying for...

the health care workers and all those who are ill. I’ll be silently praying for all of you at Our Lady of Snows. Sending you get well wishes and strength to prevail.

I’m praying for...

Praying : Father God please protect all of the essential workers:Doctors,Nurses,CNA’s, and everyone else working in the building. Cover them with the blood of Jesus. I ask this in Jesus name Amen

I’m praying for...

Beloved God, Thank You for all those at Mercy who provide care and healing during these very difficile times. Hold them close to You, protect them, comfort them, give them strength and peace, grant them every grace as they perform these loving and necessary services. Remember the promise of Jesus: what you do for the least of these, you do for Me. They serve all of us, and so also You, too. And please extend this protection and grace to their families and friends, who support them and love them.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit +


Paix et merci !

I’m praying for...

Father God, you are God in Heaven and on Earth, you see all and know all.
This virus did not sneak up on you, and by your word we are already healed. Father I claim the healing blood of our savior, your awesome son Jesus the Christ. You have given him power over all things, even this horrible virus. In the mighty name of Jesus we are healed.
Thank You LORD for your army of people who stand at the front lines to do battle with the sicknesses that come to destroy us. I pray Strength and Protection and Grace fall over them like a blanket from heaven. In the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR!! AMEN

I’m praying for...

All Patients and caregivers. 3 John 1:2, Beloved I pray that you would prosper and be in good health even as your souls prospers.
Trust in the Lord, thy God, and be of good courage. He will strengthen your hearts. I pray that the Lord-the Great Physician will give you wisdom, courage and love as you face all challenges of this pandemic and beyond. Jesus is Lord-call on Him.

I’m praying for...

All of our Mercy coworkers who continue to care for our patients day in and day out. May God grant the strength and joy to serve as Jesus would have us serve.

I’m praying for...

I’m praying that during this pandemic those with mental health issues find peace in Christ’s Love .

Gail M. Owens
I’m praying for...

staff and patients: That the Lord will shower blessings of strength, peace, love, and joy for all staff and patients in the mercy facilities.

Please, Lord for every let-down, multiply 3 times that or more back into victory. Send your ministering angels to spread your gospel all through the halls and beds and staff lounges and offices… to help those that don’t know you. Bring them into your fold whether they be staying here on earth or traveling heaven bound.

Thank you so much for Mercy’s ministries and all that they have accomplished in Your name. Let them know that they are all appreciated and loved.

In the name of Jesus I pray all these things. Amen!

C. Blanchard
I’m praying for...

I’m praying for Your perspective, Father, on these times. Help us to walk in the victory you have brought through Your Messiah, Jesus Christ. Lead us to be comforters, speaking in love, through the Spirit. Father grant us Your truth, Your plan, Your way.

Lisa Marie Cardwell
I’m praying for...

God protect and bless all caregivers. God heal those entrusted to their care. We pray that our communities be granted wellness and healing, and that our co-workers be blessed with protection, courage and stamina in Jesus name.

I’m praying for...

God bless and keep you all. You’re all diligently working to care for the patients and keep them safe. May you endure the days to come and sense His grace and strength.

I’m praying for...

Please help protect our local hero’s, keep them safe and free from illness and disease. Please watch over our doctors and nurses that continue to watch over us, our mommas and daddy’s and kiddos.
Thru Jesus

Jeannie Bean
I’m praying for...

All the angelic medical workers who are keeping everyone comfortable during their Covid-19 recoveries. god bless you everyone.

I’m praying for...

Father thank you for who you are. You are our creator. From you all things come. I pray for all those who are sick with the virus that you Oh Lord will heal, calm and comfort. May they turn to you for all their needs. I ask these things in the name of your Son Jesus. Amen.

Joe B Cedillo
I’m praying for...

Father, please bless and watch over these our medical heros and their families.

Steve Scroggins
I’m praying for...

I am praying for all those that need comfort that you give them your peace. I pray for all the family and love ones suffering from this CORVID-19/Cornavirus pandemic. I pray for the nurses and doctors that you guide them throughout this pandemic.

I’m praying for...

those that show Jesus’ face each day even behind masks and protective gear. May His face be seen, may his grace be given and may his peace be felt.

I’m praying for...

I’m praying for the medical team, those on the front line and their patients.
God please bless these men and women who put their patients before all else.
Thank you all!!!

I’m praying for...

Father God,

I pray You will give watchcare over the staff and patients that are at Mercy facilities today. May Your mighty power be at work to bring protection, strength, health, & spiritual healing to each & every soul needing a touch from Your tender mercies & care.

Especially God Bless each of you that are in service to aiding mankind.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Charlene Warren