Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

Lord in the name of Jesus , we ask him that you put your loving arms around the sick that has COVID 19 to heal their body if it be your will. Also lord we ask you to protect all our Doctors, our Nurses, our cooks, the CNA , the Janitors, Especially, the Care Givers, The Pastors Bless each one of them as they pray with family, and friends that Their love one has left this earth for their heavenly home. Also Jesus Please Be with all the Staff and keep them healthy so they can do their jobs. Our precious Jesus please be with this horrible virus and wipe it away Completely in the name of Jesus. Lord please comfort are children , especially the ones that their parent or parents that they loss from this evil virus. Lord cleans our Hearts Daily. Help us to love and help our neighbors our Family and Friends during this hard time. If I forgot 1 person lord please forgive me. I lift them up Too. Thank you lord for all you already done in the precious name of Jesus Amen . Sending these prayers daily and love daily. One more thing lord if they be one that needs you in their Heart That they will Receive You Jesus as their savior Amen.

Earl Denby