Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

To: Bunch Hero’s
All the Brave Compassionate Selfless Soldiers working tirelessly on the frontline to save lives-
And Those Unseen, Making the Hospital not only safe & Sanitary.
But Those Maintaining Equipment-:


Lead, Guide and Direct You All.
May HE teach your hands to war against this pestilence. With the strength of HIS double edged Sword.
May HE make those same hands gentle as a lamb. While caring for your patients.
May HE give You all the Strengh of Samson.
I pray HE surround You, and Your Brave Families with a hedge of Protection.
May GOD comfort You ALL, As Only HE CAN!
Honestly, I Can Only Imagine! Thank You for All You DO! And somehow keep DOING, Despite the Circumstances!
Thank You, Hero’s!

Sherry B