Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

Prayer requests from our team:
For the loss of our church elder and his wife who is recovering alone. She didn’t get to say goodbye. Pray for them and all the people they have touched. Give her the strength to survive and the comfort of knowing her husband is with you.
We pray for 2 family members who are COVID positive. Please help to heal them.
For my sister who lives in NY, continue to watch over them and protect them
Pray for healthcare workers…for their health and mental state with all they have to deal with everyday. It’s taking a toll on everyone. Wrap them in your arms and protect them.
For my wife who works in healthcare who may be pulled to work directly with COVID patients and concerns of not bringing it home to her family and small children. Please reward her for her bravery and protect her from any harm.
Pray for truck drivers, store workers, and first responders who are putting their lives at risk for doing their jobs. Please keep them safe and free from harm.
Remember to give a shout out to those who are alone or those not able to go home. Talk to them and show them your love.