Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

Below are prayers our team asked for during our team meeting: My grandbabies – that God will protect and keep them safe
For my father-in-law in a nursing home and immuno-suppressed, please keep him safe from harm.
For new parents that you help them find success as new parents
Continued prayers for son going through chemo, please comfort him and give him strength
Continue to pray for our country leaders that they can handle everything that is coming their way, please give them wisdom and compassion at this time.
For my daughter who has a heart defect and is working in day care that you protect her and keep her safe and healthy
Pray for my Mother-in-law with asthma who works in health care, please keep her safe
For my Mom, ER medical director, have over 47 cases confirmed COVID that has come through her facility, please keep her in our prayers and reward her for her bravery.
Pray for my son who is working in his first job at the hospital, he is so young, we pray for his protection
Protect our elderly parents, and the elderly in general, who are lonely and struggle following the social distancing rules; they are missing their families. Please give them strength and know they are loved.

Ruth Nadler