Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

Dear Lord,
I want to pray for the staff and patients at Mercy Hospital and our other hospital in Joplin, Freeman Hospital. Lord, we know you are not surprised by this virus and that you are in control, even though it doesn’t look like You are. I know in my humanness, I don’t see the bigger picture of how you are working, but I know that You are! Thank you, Jesus! Lord, keep using our leaders, our President of the United States, our President’s of our hospitals, our leaders in our own communities to help guide and direct us in staying safe from this Corona Virus. Lord, I know this isn’t about politics or personal gain, this is about the whole world staying safe! Lead us, conduct us! I know you love us! I’m so thankful that You love us, Lord Jesus! Continue to heal our land! Thank you for hearing my prayer, Lord. In Your precious name I pray, Jesus, Amen!

Rachel Worthington