Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

All the Patients Right Now who are Sick, I have Lung Disease and it’s Hard Some days So I know this COVID-19 is Devastated for Them, I Pray for My Mercy Primary Dr. And all My Mercy Dr’s
May God Give them Wisdom In Their Much Needed Profession
For all the Nurse’s and all that is on the Front Lines, Our First Responders, Our Children, Our World as a Whole!! God Please
Let Us Realize You Love Us!! And will Help Us Pull Together and Get Thought This!!! Please Comfort So Many Who are Grieving Tonight!! And Bring a Peace that Passes all Understanding to the Families that are Absent from their Families! And Too Us who are Still without COVID-19 Let’s Remember God’s Commandment to Love One Another!!!

Linda A