Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

I pray that the Lord put his loving arms around our soldiers on the front lines and place his armor on them for protection from this virus. I ask that He surround them with Mighty warrior Angels to go before them in battle against this virus and behind them as protection from any malady related to it. I ask total and complete protection over them in His Name. I ask that it not come near their family or friends or follow them anywhere. I call it’s agents void and non-existent. I call their hands and minds powerful in His Name in having all abilities to heal those they treat or come in contact with or near. I pray that the Lord give them all knowledge needed to come against this virus in the eradication of its spreading and that the treatment be known and available soon to everyone everywhere. I pray for total healing, restoration, blessings, and a home in your kingdom. And I ask that you give peace to those who have lost a family member and settle the sadness in their hearts as only you can do King Jesus. Provide them the comfort that is everlasting and quench their thirst and remove every pain. Continue Lord to renew this nation back to you as only you can do during this time of solitude and self reflection. Answer every question and remove any and all fears letting them know exactly who you are. Let them know to run to you like a little child because you do have every answer and they are special to you in every way. Your love is bountiful and never ending. I pray that they flock to you like moths to the flame and their hearts are renewed unlike anything before and they choose you above anything else. Let all who look to you be completely changed from who they were before to brand new and changed individuals living renewed lives for You. May God Bless Oklahoma, Mercy, the USA and our world for the better from this. And let your name be glorified by this event!

Jennifer D