Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

every person who has been directly effected by the Corona Virus… for the patients and their families. For those families around the world who have lost loved ones to the virus.
We continually pray for all of the health workers, especially those who are on the front lines every day caring for patients and families.
We are praying for all the health administrators and staff who are working diligently to assist in this time of crisis.
We are praying for the workers who are cleaning the hospitals, and clinics, for the workers who are keeping all of the equipment running, i.e., electricians, carpenters, IS/IT Techs, janitors, warehouse workers, receptionists, & telephone operators. May God continue to protect each one of you, as well as your families. May our Nation/World heal quickly. Amen.

James & Patti Anderson