Prayers for Mercy

I’m praying for...

I am praying for World Healing and every human, creature ( especially dogs), and our plant world. Every wonder God has placed on Earth (Universe). I have always been in awe of doctors, surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, ALL the medical and scientific angels of this world and the talents they have to heal us. I believe all healing comes from GOD but look at the intellect, compassion and God given gifts humanity holds. May God Bless all of you not to be remiss of first-responders and anyone I may have not identified by name here. May God continue to give the strength, knowledge, rest, grace and Peace beyond understanding to all of you! God has taken this opportunity to sit us all down at once to remind us Good will always win in the end! It’s a lesson in life to share our knowledge for the good of all humanity. To cultivate kindness. To bond again with our families. And spread Love Love Love!!!